Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Allegory — Dear Diary

Dear Diary
Dear Diary | Oil on canvas | 40 by 30 inches

"Her deadly secret.

There was once a scholar named Guo who was on his was to Beijing to take an exam. During his travels, he met a lady who sold fans for a living. They fell in love with each other, but fearing hesitation from the lady, the scholar kept the secret of his illness. One night during their heat of passion, the scholar took his last breathe and died.

Terrified of people finding out about their affair, she buried the scholar's body under the bed. To grieve and comfort her lover's soul, she placed fresh flowers, food and wine by the bed. However, to her dismay, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. When questioned by the suspicious people in town, she replied that the baby was God sent because of her routine practice of the offerings she laid by her bedside. The people were amazed and those who wanted children began to follow suit.

This belief gradually spread and became the story we know today as the Lady of the Bedchamber or Chuang Mu, the goddess of love and sex. She is a goddess that resides over multiple aspects of what goes on in the bedroom, specifically presiding over sex, sensuality, and lust. She rules all activities of the bedroom, including sleep, dreams, and recovery from illness. Chuang Mu teaches the protocol of true love making, and develops trust between partners. This Goddess is traditionally dressed in red and honored with gifts of rice, tea, and fresh flowers during the annual Lantern Festival in China."

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