Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fly away birdie

Strawberry Pie

Friday, woke up excited, motivated and then it trickled into a state of frenzy and confusion. Dropped my brush for the day and decided to take the day off. I ended up baking and put to good use the pie whistle that Dave had bought me few weeks back at Sur la table.

I jammed music in my ears, rolled out dough and chopped up some strawberries. Result? The world is a better place again.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

decomP Magazine September Issue

Hello Fish on decomP

decomP Magazine is featuring a piece of my artwork Hello Fish this month. Many thanks to art editor Jason Behrends for the exposure. In reading some of the poetry and short stories decomP has also published for the month of September, I came across Greg Billingham's poem and felt I had to share it. 

A Sailor Speaks Of Shipwrecks

For what wonders it has drank, the sea shall keep me company.
The rich sea that spares me its charters of sunken ships
and disputed treasures, only to find how it wastes what follows of moonlight
on a stillness that starves drowning sailors.
I've known the widows of saltwater barons, I've seen their jewel-green 
dresses tugged by the jealous fingers of land, 
I've seen the night air leaning on their balconies in prayer. 
For it is the moon that ripens our myths, the tides that make two ships 
of our eyes, and the kelp-wrapped waves that beach them, 
beside shells and broken sails. 
Ah, but who would pay a mind to that maritime language of loss, so blue 
and akin to crumbling, were they not drunk with disaster amid 
the ceaseless moans of those horrible lighthouses, laughing...?