Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Space to me is the familiar three-dimensional region or field of everyday experience which can get visually mundane or routine like and at times disorients one.

I have the tendency of spacing out within an enclosed area that I am constantly exposed to and then getting fixated on an area till it becomes fuzzy in my mind. It is an experience that I relate to as writing a word repeatedly and then discovering for a second when I stop that I have lost the meaning of it. When this occurs, I seize the moment to rummage in my bag of imagination and begin transforming this banal spot into a possible playground.

The work in this series evolved from a current body of oil on canvases that is an exploration of the relationship between a female figure and the space that she is in. The highlight of each illustration is the influence of a particular animal or insect which is abstractly manipulated to incorporate into a specific area of the space that the character is in. Black Knitter, Yellow Honey and Pink Masquerade was recently showcased at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011.


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