Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boys who like boys who like girls who like girls

Aiman and myself have been preparing for this collaborative art exhibition since last year, and the show is finally opening this Thursday at Utterly Art. Totally excited!

Utterly Art presents Boys Who Like Boys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls.

The exhibition showcases the latest work of local artist Aiman and Los Angeles-based artist Jolene Lai, in a series of stunning visual dialogues.

The title for the exhibition itself is derived from the fact that each of the artists narrates their practices through the use of male and female figures, respectively. Their distinct styles are highlighted in this impassioned series of artworks, in which their unique but overlapping perspectives on the world and one's relationship to it begins a dialogue that invites the viewer to join the conversation.

Aiman’s series of works questions the very idea of social facades in human interactions, sensing the incongruency between exhibited social facades and real thoughts. He uses toys in his works for the same reason: to create a semblance of fantasy for the purpose of making reality more palatable. His series of works also expands on the theory of symbolic interactionism; a sociological perspective that places emphasis on the interpretative analysis of social relations.

Jolene’s series of artworks captures fleeting moments. She highlights each piece of work with locations or environments that she has sourced from her various expeditions or travels in the United States. Jolene‘s depictions of female characters in her works seem locked in time, conscious only of their own trains of thought and impervious to the goings-on of the outside world.