Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ms Lugubrious

Ms Lugubrious | Oil on canvas | 43 x 31 in

Had a chance to visit Pulau Ubin with a cousin one time and came across a deserted house round the corner of the track we were cycling (probably still there). Ventured into the almost ruined house and took a couple of shots. It was eerie and yet at the same time very peaceful.
It was the light coming in from the window and the almost tumbling rooftop. In addition, the dried crackling twigs and leaves that had made themselves long comfy on the damp rotten ground. 

The room was cool, but the sunlight warm and inviting.

What I saw was later transferred onto the canvas. I pictured someone within the inviting shambles and added in the whimsical figure. She is the whimsy within the individual, seeking for a secret place to hide and play.

When the world is crazy insane out there, here is a place of solace that provides room for sanity. For awhile at least.

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