Monday, September 27, 2010

Recycle me!

This year besides canvases, I'm rethinking new materials to paint on. My thoughts went straight to matchboxes and corks. A chance to create interesting stuff and recycle materials. Fun!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Her Smile

Her Smile | Watercolor and graphite | 2009

Afternoon. Hot and sunny. Non a/c bus with occasional light breezes blowing through the wide opened windows. The bus came to a halt at a crosswalk. Hordes of people rushing left and right. I could almost hear their thoughts. Or at least I imagined them.

'Gosh! What the heck is that woman wearing?'
'When is the day going to end?'
'I smell MacDonalds...gotta get some big mac. I'm starving..."
'God, please let me win the lottery tonight!'

blah rah hah.

Amidst all that hustling, I noticed her. Perhaps in her middle 20s, she was standing right by the curb and under the traffic lights. It seemed she was about to cross but she stopped in her tracks for as long as the bus ceased motion.

One of her sleeves subtly fell off her shoulders as she smiled and simply gazed. I attempted following that stare but only saw more busy pedestrians crossing the road like busy little ants. I tried to listen or imagined her thoughts like I so often do when I observe passing strangers.

Strangely, nothing came to mind and I only found myself wondering what was going through her mind. Was it a meadow with funny weird polka dotted bunnies hopping about? Or a mad and chaotic nightmarish dungeon in her head and she was merely smiling because she had long forgotten all her other emotions?

Whatever it was, I wanted desperately for a few seconds to be in her shoes and experience the simple joy of smiling which for most times I forget can exist.

I created this illustration many many years later. The entire scenario kept playing in my mind like a looping video clip and every now and then I find myself still wondering what she might have been thinking.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ms Lugubrious

Ms Lugubrious | Oil on canvas | 43 x 31 in

Had a chance to visit Pulau Ubin with a cousin one time and came across a deserted house round the corner of the track we were cycling (probably still there). Ventured into the almost ruined house and took a couple of shots. It was eerie and yet at the same time very peaceful.
It was the light coming in from the window and the almost tumbling rooftop. In addition, the dried crackling twigs and leaves that had made themselves long comfy on the damp rotten ground. 

The room was cool, but the sunlight warm and inviting.

What I saw was later transferred onto the canvas. I pictured someone within the inviting shambles and added in the whimsical figure. She is the whimsy within the individual, seeking for a secret place to hide and play.

When the world is crazy insane out there, here is a place of solace that provides room for sanity. For awhile at least.